Carts define the currency and localization for the entire interface. This means that it will control the display currency for things like offers pricing, CRM and accounting suite records, and personalize our offers based on your country.

Keep in mind that currency exchange rates are only for display purposes and you will be able to select the base price for every "Price Input". This will allow us to make conversions based on current and historical exchange rates, depending on the record type.

Products in your cart.

Adding products from Infinity Comex to your cart is as easy as clicking a button, but that's not the end of the story. we have designed a simple, yet powerful engine to help you select from a set of available options per product for things like Shipping, warranty, assurance, returns and refund policies and more.

Services in your cart.

When you register a service to your cart, it will be linked to your account through a Service Cart Registration. Service cart registrations let you pick from a set of available options like Project Management Methodology, Frontend Stacks, Framework, Programming Language (Based on the selected Framework), Operating System and more.

Cloud Resources in your cart.

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