Create a new business account

Prerequisites: In order for you to follow this tutorial, you need to make sure you already own an Alliance ID Account.

How to create a business tenant?

To create a business tenant, login to your Alliance ID Account. Make click on your name and select "My Alliance ID Profile" from the dropdown list. This will take you to you Accounts Principal Page.

Place your mouse on the right-hand side corner of your screen, over your name and you will see a dropdown list containing your authorized businesses. Then, select "Create a business".

This step will take you to the Business Creation Form. Fill the form and make sure that you are legally authorized to act on the name of that business, as you will need to provide documentation to support that claim.

Business creation form. v1.0.0

Note that creating a business can sometimes take a few seconds.

Once your form has been correctly filled, submit your business' information for review, but your business record will be created successfully and your Alliance ID Tenant will be added as the primary contact for that business.

You have now successfully created a business account and you can select it as Admin.

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