Select a business you have access to.

Business Selection Tool.

There are two ways to get access to a business account. Either by creating a business account yourself (Primary Contact) or being added by an admin/primary contact to a business account.

You can see the business you have access either by visiting our Business Selection Page or by selecting your business from your account's navigation dropdown.

Once you select a business, you might note that a few things are different. For example, your account's navigation dropdown now displays the name of your business. You will see a menu for your conversations with other currently active users within that business. You'll see your business notifications and your user interface will adapt to your business' cart country and exchange rate preferences.

You can differentiate between business and tenant mode by taking a look at your account's navigation dropdown.

Return to your tenant to act on your behalf.

To return to your Alliance ID Tenant you actually have 3 options.

When you are on business mode, you can select the "Back to your profile" option from the Account navigation dropdown to deselect your current business tenant.

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