Customer Immersion Experience

The Customer Immersion Experience is a hands-on introduction to Windows 10 and the new Office that gives our customers the opportunity to experience these powerful new productivity solutions for themselves. A CIE is not a generic demo about all the features Microsoft products offer. It’s a true-to - life user experience that takes your customer through common work-related Areas of Interest and business objectives, such as being productive while mobile, using social networking to get work done, and connecting in real time with coworkers and customers.

It also gives our customer a first- hand look at the fast and fluid experience of Windows 10 and the exciting features of the new Office across a variety of devices, including tablets, PCs, and smartphones.

CIEs are our way to extend our consultative, value-based discussion with our customers, so they can learn about business productivity tools and technologies without sales pressure.

The CIE is business session and not a technical session (in fact, it is not uncommon for the facilitator to be a non-technical person).

The CIE is a recommended next step after completing a Value Discovery Workshop. Participating in a CIE is the next best way to complement the Value Discovery Workshop (VDW) session.

A typical CIE session is approximately one to four hours in duration. An alternate strategy, if travel is an issue for our customer, would be to take the CIE online or onsite to their location. (travel expenses may apply)

For the best session experience, we recommend participants have access to two monitors – one for viewing the facilitator’s desktop and another for your Remote Desktop session.

At the time of your session:

• Join the audio conference included in your CIE Session Confirmation email

• Go to the URL provided in your CIE Session Confirmation email

• Enter your name & E-Mail address

• Select an available persona and click Select

• After you select an available persona, click Connect

• When prompted to connect to the Remote Desktop Connection, click Connect

• When prompted for a password, enter pass@word1

• When prompted if you want to connect although the identity of the remote computer cannot be verified, click Yes

• You’ll then be remoted into your persona’s desktop and ready to participate in the CIE virtual session.

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