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If you as a customer are not currently registered on FastTrack portal, we can send you an invitation so that you can connect with us on FastTrack.

How do I request FastTrack Assistance to assist on my/my client's Microsoft 365 migration/onboarding?

There are two ways you can request FastTrack assistance. One way is by fully completing a Success Plan. Once you have answered all required questions on the Success Plan the green ‘Request FastTrack Assistance’ button will light up on the Success Plan summary page. The benefit of requesting assistance this way is that you can import the information you have added to your Success Plan directly into your request for assistance. The second way you can request assistance is by navigating to the Services tab and clicking ‘Learn More’ next to the Request Assistance with Microsoft 365 card in the Services tab of your company record.

What is a success plan?

The success plan captures the intent of the customer's project by prompting the customer to answer a series of questions about the activities and workloads for the project. The success plan further recommends preparation and remediation activities and resources based on the specific details provided in the success plan.

How do I request a success plan?

A Success Plan can be requested by navigating to the Success Plans tab of your or your company's Project record and clicking on the ‘Create Success Plan’ button.

You will provide the name of the plan, a short description, select the plan type, and add your expected start and completion dates.

Why is my Success Plan not showing as completed?

The most common reason your success plan is not showing as completed is because there is a field(s) within the plan that has not yet been filled out or it's FastTrack twin haven't been provisioned yet. Please ensure that all fields in all three tabs (Plan Scope, Timelines, Contacts) of the success plan are filled. The required questions will be indicated by a red asterisk.

As a partner, how do we request access to our client’s company record?

We request access to our client’s company record by searching for your client in the FastTrack Dashboard. Once we find our client’s search tile, we Request Access - this will prompt us to input the email alias of our client (this must be the alias that you used to register with the FastTrack site). Our client will then receive both an email and a notification within FastTrack to approve this request.

I've received an Email is my client’s company displaying a message that reads – ‘Cloud tenant not found’

When you create a business through our portal, we associate this record with what is called a ‘provisional’ FastTrack company record. This is a company record that does not have a customer user associated with it, and therefore a tenant has not been associated yet. To ensure a Business Tenant is associated with your FastTrack company record, you can request an invitation through the Support Form. Once your client has successfully registered at, the domain that you invite the client with will then be associated with their company record.

How do I export a PDF version of my success plan?

You have the option of exporting your Success Plan by selecting the ‘Plan Output’ button within your Success Plan on the summary page. An Email will be sended with your Success Plan PDF File.

How and when should I contact the FastTrack Support team?

Users should consider reaching out to the FastTrack Support team (via the Support tab) if they are experiencing technical concerns with the FastTrack portal. For everything else, please contact the Alliance ID Support Team.

Why am I not able to login to FastTrack portal with my Live ID?

A valid Office 365 account is required to join the FastTrack portal. The customer will not be able to use their Live ID, MSA or On-Premise account to join. If the customer does not have a valid Office 365 account they can request one here:

You must use a work or school account, also known as your organizational ID, to sign into the FastTrack site. Personal IDs, including Microsoft Accounts, are no longer accepted by FastTrack. If you are unsure of what your work or school account is, please contact us at or contact FastTrack support team at

Any attempt to sign in with your Alliance ID Tenant or a non-organizational ID will result in an error.

What Microsoft cloud services are supported in the FastTrack Portal?

The FastTrack portal supports:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Enterprise Mobility + Security
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure Information Protection
  • Advanced Threat Analytics
  • Cloud App Security
  • Enterprise Mobility Suite
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Windows Analytics
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Exchange Online
  • Project
  • Power BI
  • Office 365 ProPlus
  • OneDrive for Business
  • SharePoint Online
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Yammer
  • Windows 10
  • StaffHub

Can I request a trial extension?

Yes, if the trial is for Office 365, EMS, or Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Additionally, as part of FastTrack, you have the ability to request an extension of a standard public E5 trial one time. You will be provided a 90-day extension.

Who has the ability to manage customer users and partner access to customers in the portal?

The first customer user to sign in to the portal is designated the customer portal manager. That person has the ability to manage customer user access levels, including making others customer portal managers, assigning project ownership to individuals, and granting partners access so they can collaborate through the portal.

Does a customer need to be invited to have access to FastTrack, or can they sign in on their own?

Individuals from customer organizations can use their Microsoft work or school accounts to sign in to FastTrack at any time without being invited. The first user to sign in for a company creates a new record for the company.

What are the requirements for an individual to use the FastTrack portal?

The user must have an active tenant or org ID, which can be paid or trial.

Can a customer with fewer than 150 users access the FastTrack portal?

Yes. Customers with fewer users can sign in to the FastTrack portal using their org ID from a trial or paid tenant.

Can a trial account be used to access the FastTrack portal if I have not established a paid tenant in the service?

Yes. Customers can sign in to the portal using an org ID from a trial account. The trial can be for any of the cloud services supported by FastTrack, as long as the trial has an associated org ID.

How can I switch the tenant or org ID I used to sign up for the portal?

The tenant/org ID can be switched by submitting a support request through the FastTrack portal. If a trial has expired, a new, paid tenant will need to be created.

How do I remove a user from FastTrack?

To learn how to remove a user from FastTrack, please review this Microsoft Document.

How do I grant a user or a group of users access to FastTrack?

To learn how to grant a user or a group of users access to FastTrack, please review this Microsoft Document.

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