Value Discovery Workshop

What is the Value Discovery Workshop (VDW)?

The Value Discovery Workshop (VDW) is a pre-sales program that helps Fenix Alliance partners and sellers improve the acceleration of Microsoft product sales initiatives. The program facilitates and supports “selling it right” through business value discussions focused on prioritized customer Areas of Interest and the key capabilities needed to achieve them. The primary outcomes of the workshop include:

  • Determination of the key Areas of Interest needed to achieve organizational goals.
  • Mapping of Areas of Interest to organizational capabilities needed
  • Identification of key capability implementation priorities
  • Identification of actionable next steps to develop internal momentum and adoption.

Where does the VDW fit in the sales cycle?

The workshop supports the Create Value stage of the Selling Process at the 40-60% pre-sales stage. It’s intended to accelerate adoption of the Microsoft platform by demonstrating how Microsoft 365 can be applied to address the customer’s business objectives and needs via an engagement format that CDP partners can deliver at scale.Who is the target audience?The VDW is intended for use with Enterprise (EPG) and corporate account (CA)–based customers and aligns with programmatic materials within the 40-60% Demonstrate Value stage of the Microsoft Selling Process (MSP). Workshop content targets seven Microsoft priority industries and 10 unique Areas of Interest.Within these segments, the following roles are VDW target audiences:

  • Primary: CIO + VP Sales, VP Marketing, CEO, COO, CSO, Legal
  • Influencers: HR, Finance, Operations.

Why was the VDW created?

We have great tools out there that we’re proud of, like the Customer Immersion Experience (CIE). As we listened to our subsidiaries and partners, we realized that we had an opportunity to drive business value conversations with customers. From a market point of view, we continue to see that our customers’ IT budgets are essentially flat, and, post downturn, there is a bigger scrutiny on IT spend. Customers now have higher expectations on their IT vendors to provide solutions that deliver clear business impact, ROI, and are aligned to their business priorities.

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