What is the purpose of Projects?

We understand how success of the business is increasingly dependent on how well IT succeeds in becoming a business enabler. Projects help you solve that disconnection between business and IT management, treating IT as a core function for implementing changes in a controlled manner through rich and user friendly interfaces that can be customized for your specific business needs.

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Whereas Enterprise Development selects development initiatives, Strategy and Governance defines how to execute them and IT Operations implements initiatives into solutions and services.

Projects as the core of our management strategy and operations.

IT Operations include Sourcing, Development and Services.

Our standards and operating strategies aim to work together with our clients and partners to revolutionize IT management policies so that they can address the challenges facing today's organizations, especially on the relationship that exists between business processes and information technologies.

Project Types

There are two types of projects and its type depends in the Tenant mode that you are using to create a project.

  • Persona projects,

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